French fries

French fries are called pieces of potatoes of different shapes that have undergone processing, desiccation, drying, half-frying and freezing.

Advantage of French fries:

  • French fries has a uniform color after blush.
  • Due to frequent inspections during the production process, there is no strain and damage caused by plant diseases.
  • By utilizing the fast freezing technology (IQF), all its nutritional value is preserved.
  • Due to microbial control on the raw material during the process, it is completely healthy.
  • The use of French fries, while providing ease of preparation, saves considerable time.
  • The French Fries section is completely uniform.
  • French is a braised and solid parsley that shows less oil absorption.
  • French Fries preserves its shape for an hour after blush and does not change the mode.
  • French Fries preserves can be kept freeze for 18 months without any preservative.
  • About 2.5 kilograms of raw potatoes are used to produce 1 kg of French Fries, which indicates a complete separation of waste.
  • One of the most important advantages of French Fries is to reduce the oil absorption, due to the use of more dry matter and less moisture.

Potato moisture has also been reduced in the production line during different stages, so that the potato’s moisture content reaches 80% to 65% and the less moisture and the higher the dry matter is, the less oil is absorbed.
It should be noted that the absorbance of the oil produced in the home made 35% by weight, but in the French Fries, this oil absorption is reduced to 15% by weight.

Due to the loss of 30% of potato starch during the production process, French fries have a lightweight, greasy, and less caloric texture than ordinary fried potatoes.

Typical (uncooked) per 70 gr
Energy value 115.5 K cal
Carbohydrate 17.8 gr
Protein 3.75 gr
Fat 3.06 gr
Sugar 0.55 gr
Salt 0 gr
Trans fats 0.06 gr
sat. fats 48% of total fats
Storage condition
Refrigerator 24 Hours
Ice making compartment 3 Days
Freezer -6°C 1 week
Freezer -12°C 1 month
Freezer -18°C 18 month

Note: Slices should be used completely frozen for cooking and should be avoided defrost them before cooking.